For youngsters (As noted on first page) go to my YouTube page at “Keith Gregson” and join in the regularly updated fun.

For adults   Go to the The Ashbrooke Boys and Shetland pages for details of free copies of online books. The idea is that, during what are tough times, people might enjoy the content but also make suggestions for improvement – which is possible with online publications. Just e-mail me and I will send copies of it/them as an attachment.  I have made this decision as I know there may be many of you at home and with time on your hands. If interested in my ‘revived by coronavirus’ involvement with research into ‘music of the past’ (n.b. now frightened to use the words ‘folk’ or ‘traditional’), you will find references to past work scattered across the web site.

What I was up when times were different  Acted as an ‘expert’ speaker and adviser at the South West Family History Show in Bristol for the second year running. In early summer and autumn involved as an expert (Social and Sporting Historian) in three online shows run by Family Tree magazine and The Genealogist.  Also at the recent online London Show ( September 2021). In addition until March 2020 I continued my involvement in music at the Peacock pub, PopRecs and the Stumble Inn in Sunderland (q.v. online).

  I have also had a major article accepted for the annual Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society ( Folk Music Journal) and the proofs have just been returned with publication due shortly.

I have now finished with a blog on Ashbrooke Sports Club’s remarkable history and its archives (which, until recently, I curated). This contains a great deal on the club’s history over almost 200 years and, yet again, is something which folks can browse if looking for something to do. Catch up with the blog at;

 All my talk commitments over 2020/21 were cancelled due to the virus. Watch this space. However there were many exciting things happening in relation to rugby union history and involving the 150th anniversary of the RFU in January 2021 and the Lions tour of South Africa later in the year.

 I have had major articles published in Family Tree magazine in between 2019 and 2021. I also write on a regular basis for the online monthly and hard copy annual Discover Your Ancestors with three articles published in 2021.  You can see these via the Genealogist web site.


Still composing and collating. I have now recorded professionally all my major pieces which should soon be available as two separate albums on YouTube. Notes on the songs and tunes on the albums are with them on YouTube. 

 Questia research encyclopaedia site currently has at least twelve of my travel articles from different newspapers and other articles –


 Enter my name as “Keith Gregson” and scroll down to newspaper part.  The same applies to my work on rugby history with the RFU;

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