About Me Generally

At 75 I am becoming less and less proactive. However I have not given up being re-active and if you have visited my site and have seen where my skills and interests lie please get in touch. I am still game to be involved in projects or to do public performances if I can gather up the energy and enthusiasm. We have put out a booklet celebrating the 150th anniversary of Sunderland (Rugby) Football Club during the 2023/4 season and also the discovery of what may be the world’s oldest complete set of club rugby kit. This will be on view at Ashbrooke Sports Club (SR2 7HH) on Monday 08 July from 14.00 to 19.00. I have also reworked a booklet on Olympic Cricket for the 2024 Olympics in France which is due out in summer. During the pandemic I was very proactive in putting work(for adults and youngsters alike) on my YouTube channel

 The pandemic saw a re-awakening of my interest in our family’s links with the Shetland Isles – (my maternal grandmother’s roots were entirely from Burra Isle, Shetland). To this end I have opened up a Shetland page on this site. I will be updating here constantly so if you are going to join in with me in some form or another, a big hello.

I have completed two albums relating to my own music and some traditional favourites and they are now on

YouTub YouTube “keith gregson” “My Musical Albums 2021”. Also a half hour concert which can be accessed on YouTube ‘Keith Gregson – Live at the Bunker’.

If you are still not getting out much or bored, explore my site and get back on anything of mutual interest we can follow up. For latest publications go to Update at the bottom of the Academic page and other activities in current

Contact me by e-mail – or ring/text to 0791 035 1272

Keith G

Sunderland July 2024

I think the site is now up to date after it has gone ‘under new ownership’. Please get in touch if there are any problems with it. It is meant to be simple and not ‘all singing and dancing’ so not interested in paying for ‘improvements’.