My Musical Albums 2022

When the pandemic arrangements for 2021 were announced, I decided to spend some ‘lockdown time’ sorting out songs and tunes I had had recorded professionally and putting some of them online. The result is two albums on YouTube with words where appropriate and accompanying notes about their backgrounds. One album is unaccompanied. The other has music with guitar, mandolin and whistle. The albums are;

Totally Unaccomplished!

This is the album of unaccompanied songs – some ‘traditional’ but mostly self-penned or written with former Durham miner Jim Moreland during the late 1970s/early 1980s. I’m afraid the title is a pun from the days in which I regarded myself as a folk comedian. The album is now on YouTube with accompanying words and notes.

or  by entering “Keith Gregson” “Totally Unaccomplished” in YouTube.

  1. The Hartlepool Monkey Song (Corvan)
  2. Three Score and Ten (Delf)
  3. Ballad of the Banners (Moreland/Gregson/trad)
  4. Foreign Fields of Yellow Margarine (Gregson)
  5. The Gretna Green Disaster (Gregson/trad)
  6. Oxfordshire Morning (Gregson)
  7. Song For Marty (Gregson)
  8. Down The Harbour (Moreland/Gregson/trad)
  9. Following the Bunker Round (Moreland/Gregson/trad)
  10. Their Normandy (Gregson/Berat)
  11. Here Lies Alice (Gregson)
  12. Singasongasunlan (Gregson/trad)
  13. When the King Came to the Toon (Gregson)
  14.  Come My Way (Gregson)

The Man Who Could Not Sing

This is an album of accompanied songs and tunes on guitar, whistle and mandolin – all composed by me with the exception of ‘ The Magic of Morning’ – words by me but set to a haunting tune ‘Magic of the Morning’ written by two Folk Camp friends. The title of the album could be applied to me but it is the name of a song otherwise known as ‘Caedmon’s Song’ which is based on a Saxon tale from Whitby about the first English poet/singer-songwriter. The album is now on YouTube with accompanying words and notes.

or by entering “Keith Gregson” “The Man Who Could Not Sing” in YouTube

  1. Wish I Could Paint a Picture (Gregson)
  2. Playa Joyel (Gregson)
  3. Morning Glory (Gregson)
  4. Mist over Malham (Gregson)
  5. The Magic of Morning (Tracey/Meechan/Gregson)
  6. Metronom Blues (Gregson)
  7. The Man Who Could Not Sing [Caedmon’s Song] (Gregson)
  8. The Incorruptible [Friday’s King] (Gregson)
  9. Weeping Willow (Gregson)
  10.  No More Sun (Gregson)
  11.  Yellow on Black (Gregson)
  12.  Feeling A Little Seedy (Gregson)
  13.  Man of the Land (Gregson)
  14.  Come on, the Durhams! [Jamie’s Song] (Gregson)

In early May 2021 I was asked to give a ‘pandemic’ concert at the Bunker Musical Venue in Sunderland. The concert, which lasts for half an hour, can be viewed on YouTube ( ‘Keith Gregson – Live at the Bunker’) and contains a number of the songs from the two albums above.

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